Delwood Residents Association was originally formed in the early 1980s. As the estate matured it went moribund for approximately 15 years before being reformed at an inaugural meeting held on 30/07/2019.

Since then it has been active in numerous activities and has been successful in fostering a strong sense of Community Spirit. This has been more than evident now as we are facing a major pandemic.

The Delwood Residents Association has no official or non-official affiliation with any political parties, instead its sole aim is to represent the interests of all residents in the area.


The Association’s main purpose is to foster Community Spirit and Good Neighbourliness. It achieves this through community activities such as Tidy Up Days, Children’s Fun Days and all those activities listed under Sub-Committees.

Public Participation Network (PPN)

Our Association was recently registered with Fingal Community County Register and consequently become a member of the PPN. The PPN is a network of over 700 community groups throughout Fingal. We will now receive regular updates, including:- 

A monthly e-newsletter on PPN News, Funding, Public Consultations and Community Events / News.

Check out the October Newsletter by clicking on the link below.


Invitations to attend thematic linkage groups (network meetings) that may be of interest yo you.

Opportunities to participate in various workshops, training sessionsor seminars.

Public Service Announcements from Fingal County Council, the Government and other relevant bodies.


We currently have 232 households signed up as members.