Corona Support

The Delwood Corona Support Group still stands ready to help any resident confined to their home. As the situation may get tougher over the winter months don’t hesitate to seek assistance.

You will have received an email with a link to a document containing the individual contact details of each member of the group.

You may also make a request here for assistance by clicking Contact and submitting your details.

In addition to our group our Community Policing Officer Garda Sean Breheny has organised support for the greater Dublin 15 area and has offered An Garda Siochana services to any vulnerable/elderly/isolated people in Delwood who may need Garda Assistance (prescription pickups, shopping etc). No matter how small your need email the address below which will have 24 hour monitoring.

Or call 6667020 with names, addresses, contact numbers. Thanks. Blanch COMPOL.

Dear Resident if you are vulnerable or self-isolating the above volunteer residents and An Garda Siochana are willing to help you by running errands to the shops and collecting medication from the chemists. A WhatsApp group of these volunteers has been set up to ensure one of these can help if the person you contacted happens to be busy at the time. Please don’t be shy about seeking assistance, we are all in this together. You may also seek assistance by making a request via the “Contact” Tab above.

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