Delwood Sports & Social Day 10th. Sept.

How lucky were we to get such a glorious sunny day for our Big Day. The gods certainly smiled upon us! The good weather really added to the enjoyment of the day

Saturday was a resounding success. A  few sample pics are attached. Later on more will be posted on our website. If you have some, send them in for posting. It was great to see so many out enjoying the day.  Attendance was around the 350 mark, with over 140 young budding athletes taking part. Taking all the events together, including the 2 adult races, 189 gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to the delight of all the children (not to mention the adults)…who knows but this may kick start some athletic careers! The children were the real stars of the day and they really enjoyed themselves. Thanks to all those who emailed complimentary and appreciative messages/pics. Too many to reply to individually.

Sports Results

See the attached document, recorded and  compiled by Barry O’Rourke and Kevin Barry, for the results of each event. Apologies to the 40 on the winning Tug Of War team for not getting a mention!  

The event provided the opportunity for younger families, that have moved in in recent years, to get to know one another and indeed for older residents to re-acquaint themselves especially after nearly 2 years of lockdown. By all accounts it was successful in that regard. It helped to reinforce Community Spirit in Delwood.  

Event Organisation

The hard work of our two organising sub-committees really paid off and we owe them a big thank you. They worked separately on their tasks but liaised when needed to ensure that the total project would work well. And did it ever work well! 

The outcome was a prime example of teamwork.

So thanks a million to the following:-

The Sports Sub-Committee

Chaired by Robert Ryan it comprised Catriona Fuller, Fran Lynch, Niamh Boyle,  Deborah & Eoin Lennon, Aoife Byrne, & John Lennon.

The Catering Sub-Committee

Chaired by Daniel Smyth it comprised  Angus Sunderland, Claire Lynch, Doug Reid & Dermot Fuller.

Our Volunteers

Charlie Shaughnessy, Dave Keogh, Eoin & Deborah Lennon, John Lennon, Catriona & Dermot Fuller, James & Fran Lynch, Barry O’Rourke, David O’Connell, Aoife Byrne, Niamh Boyle, Kevin Barry, Robert Ryan, Kate from Ukraine & yours truly (See pic below). (Not in the pic Mary Ronayne, Lauren O’Brien, William Freeney, Patricia Fahy, Amy Flanagan & Dan Smyth). Others joined in too and apologies if I’ve left anyone out. They all worked hard before, during and after the day was over to ensure a smooth operation. 

Their tasks included – raking the grass and marking out the running tracks. Registering competitors, giving out bottles of water, organising the competitors for the races, recording results, picking winners at the finishing line, presenting medals. Keeping the Green tidy & collecting and bagging rubbish for disposal. Helping at the line up for catering. (Thanks Amy & Barry)

Catering & Marquee

Rod’s Kitchen did a great job on the food and some great feedback was received. The Fitzgibbon marquee worked well with adequate tables and chairs and lighting for the later evening. Thanks to Rodney O’Connor and Eugene Fitzgibbon.

Thanks also to the following for being in attendance:-

The Irish Red Cross – many thanks to Anne and the gang who expressed their thanks for the welcome they received. They got some minor work (thankfully) to do and it was very comforting to know that they were there. They gave a good number of children an inspection of the ambulance.

Linda from Little Laughs – she was kept busy the whole day to the delight of all the children that had their faces painted. A very popular lady indeed!

Mr. Whippy – a popular man too!

Garda Dave from Community Policing Blanch.

Councillor John Walsh.

Our thanks to Fingal County Council for giving grant approval for the event and loaning various sporting materials e.g. beanbags & cones etc. Also for giving the Green an extra cutting in advance of the day.

Lost & Found

Lost:–  Anyone find an Arsenal keyring with key?

Found:-    A silver bracelet with what linked hands

                A Fisher price choo choo

                A drinking bottle

Overall a brilliant success and here’s to next year.

Thanks to all participants young and old.

Photos and videos following are in no particular order.