Santa’s Visit to DelwoodūüéÖ

Dave O’Connell, the Santa Visit organiser, has asked me to issue this message to you all.

As of now Santa is due back in Delwood on Saturday 12th December all going well. Everything will be organised in accordance with the health guidelines prevailing at that time. Depending on how things go in that regard a final decision as to whether or not this event can go ahead will be made nearer the date of his scheduled visit.
In the meantime¬†we must prepare as if it is all systems go. In that context we need you to let¬†us know, as soon as you can, your interest in Santa visiting your children. For preference¬†click here “Contact” to submit your details. Otherwise just reply to the email that you have received. Please declare your interest by giving us your children’s names and ages and house address.¬†¬†
Santa can be very discreet by leaving his presents for the children at the end of your driveway if unable at the time to go to the front door. You can tell the children he has a cold and doesn’t want to give it to the children. You yourself can indicate in submitting your details your own preference as to how you want him to give the presents to the children.
Looking forward to hearing from you. 
Best wishes and stay safe.